Fest of Ale 2024 Highlights

Had a great time playing the 2024 Fest of Ale in Penticton, B.C. Here's some highlights of the songs I did on the Saturday night including Friends in Low Places, Country Roads, Ho Hey, SOB, Time is Broken, Fishin in the Dark, and Everlong.

Foo Fighters!

Then there was that time I got onstage with the Foo Fighters in front of a sold out crowd in Spokane, WA on August 2023

Chris Cornell's Seasons

From The Roxy from May 2022

Summer Mix 2022

Here are some clips of me playing Tinhouse Brewing, Camp Beer Co, Mountainview Brewing, Mabel Lake, Parmanfest, and the World's Famous Roxy.

Tri-Cities Cast Festival Pro-Am 2017

Mix of songs performed at the Tri-Cities Cask Festival Pro-Am January 2017

Coquitlam Kinsmen Craft Beer Festival 2016

Mix of songs performed at the Coquitlam Kinsmen Craft Beer Festival. BC Day Weekend 2016